Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Can we turn the regulatory ship?

In the anti-growth movement of the past few decades our society has certainly put massive regulation in place.  These layers often created a maze so tight that approvals were delayed or thwarted entirely.  Collateral damage was loss of housing opportunity for everyone and the demonization of the housing industry.  Whether intentional or accidental, builders and certainly developers were cast as vanquishers of the environment.  The negative pall has been so strong that good people who actually know how to mobilize resources and accomplish something are cast as self-serving and a blight on the politically correct society.  Political stair climbers have often “made their bones” by slandering builders and thwarting developers' efforts.  The naysayers and negativists have clearly been successful.  Terms such as sprawl, developer, clearing and paving all carry a negative connotation in today’s conversations.
    During the past year disparaging nets have been cast ever wider to capture and demonize bankers, Wall Street, insurers, capitalists, doctors, the wealthy and plenty of industries.  I find the methodology tiring. Regrettably, it is effective.
   I wonder when or if the pendulum will swing back to embrace the creative, the industrious, or the risk takers.  These folks are actually getting things done. They should be the envy of society.
   Having just sat through eight hours of a “safe lead practices” class the regulated playing field is not getting easier to navigate. 
   My hope is that society will turn against negativism and over-regulation before Atlas shrugs in frustration.   Next time you see anyone accomplish something: give them a shout out of admiration.  Maybe we can turn this ship. 

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